Applying & Enrolling


When can I study? How much time do I need to study each week? Can I start my course at any time?

You can enrol in any course offered anytime that suits you, via our website. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can complete our Online Courses anywhere, anytime. Online courses can be completed at your own pace with the flexibility to study when, where and how often it suits you. 

Can I take a break from my studies?

Yes! Because we offer unlimited elearning access, you can take a break whenever you like!

What equipment do I need to study online? Do I need to buy textbooks?

You’ll need a computer, some basic software and an internet connection. You also have the option of receiving your learning materials in hard copy (for an extra fee) but you’ll still use our elearning system for most of your course. 

No. Everything that you need to complete the course is provided online for your convenience. However, optional hard copy versions of the online materials are available for purchase. Please contact us to request a quote.

How do I enrol? How long is my enrolment?

Enrolment is easy! Select your course fee pricing option, click Add to Cart and follow the simple steps. If you still need further assistance or have further questions, you can contact us anytime. 

Once signed up, we offer 12months enrolment so that you can work at your own pace and have access to the information to refer to for quite some time after you have completed your studies. If you are in-active for a week or more, you will receive an alert, reminding you about your enrolment, so that you can become active again!  

After Enrolling..How long until I receive access to my course?

After successfully submitting your enrolment via our website you will be given online access to your course upon clearance of your full payment or your cleared deposit/first payment on the payment plans. 

Enrolment processing times will vary with your payment method.

Credit card: Within 2-24 hours.

Payment Plans: Within two (2) working days.

Do you have a head office somewhere if I want to meet face-to-face to discuss options?

Because you are studying an online course, all of our support systems are available over the phone or online. 

Our Head Office is in Brisbane, Australia and our Administrative staff are available online 7 days for your convenience or via telephone Monday-Friday. 


Are there any entry requirements or prerequisites for the courses?

There are no entry requirements for our programs.   Most of our courses have no formal education entry requirements, other than English language skills. Check the course description page for your course to see if the course you are interested in has any additional requirements.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) participants will only be eligible to receive exemptions from units delivered by 3rd party providers such as CPR for Newborns and Baby's;  

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) applications must be accompanied by suitable documentary evidence of previous study (eg. transcripts). 

Previous studies must have been completed within the past 5 years.

Enrol now in the Certificate in Newborn Photography Online Course

Butterfly Love Photography


Extremely proud to have completed this course. I learnt so much about neonatal care and how to safely handle newborns....  even after having FOUR of my own babies. I feel a lot more confident knowing the different medical conditions and alert signs for potential problems with a newborn. 


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