Assessment Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to sit exams?

No. Our courses are assessed via multiple choice questionnaires at the end of each module and all questionnaires are submitted online via our elearning system. There are no on-campus requirements for our students.

What if I need help with my assessments and/or don't understand the requirements?

If you require assistance with the course materials and need a concept explained further, please email  with your query and your tutor will respond promptly and personally. Your assigned tutor will guide you through the course materials, help you with any problems and provide feedback on your assessments. Tutors will respond to all enquiries ASAP and are available Monday-Friday.

Are there due dates for assessment pieces?

No. You can submit your assessments in your own time when you are ready and have completed the module.

What if I don't pass an assessment piece?

In order to successfully complete the course, you will need to complete all of the assessment pieces. 

We use a competency-based assessment of 100%; if you do not receive a 100% grade you will be asked to resubmit your assessment. 

You are able to submit your work for marking multiple times. 

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Grading & Assessment Table

You will receive an overall result of Competent or Not Yet Competent for a module. 

The assessment process for our Online Courses is made up of a number of assessment methods - multiple choice, true or false for example. 

The assessment process for our Home + Classroom study will also include Written Questions and Case Study’s.


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