Choosing a Photographer to capture precious memories of your Birth, Newborn Baby or Family can be an extremely difficult task! There are so many talented photographers and so many different packages and prices on offer!

Birth and Newborn Baby Portraiture are not ordinary portrait sessions. In both instances you are often trusting a complete stranger to hold, nurse, feed (bottle), pose, wrap, dress and finally, photograph, your less than 10 day old baby!

In addition, the Newborn Photography industry is currently unregulated. This means that there is NO SPECIFIC QUALIFICATION that a photographer MUST obtain before they can start offering the service.

Just because a photographer is a mother (or father) and they can use a camera, does not ensure they are qualified to be a newborn photographer. You wouldn't ask someone to be your Chief Financial Officer for your business, because they are good at managing the family budget. Nor would you leave your child in the care of an unregistered day-care provider, just because they have a child of their own.

Hence, in such an oversaturated and unregulated market, parents should spend a lot of time researching the right Newborn Photographer, to ensure they have the necessary skills and experience in handling newborn babies.

Without the right professional training, a Newborn Photographer is a hobbyist and they could put your baby at risk.

Have complete peace of mind, knowing your baby is in SAFE hands with an ANP™ CERTIFIED PHOTOGRAPHER!


Certified Photographers have completed a total of 20 Subjects

These include subjects on Birth, Newborn Health & Safety and Workplace Health & Safety

They must achieve a 100% Pass mark in 3 examinations.

They have completed their Infant CPR and First Aid Certificates

and they will either be fully immunised or disclose their immunisation status to their clients .     

They are required to have the relevant general insurance policies

including public liability and/or professional indemnity insurance.  

Some Certified Photographers, may also be students starting out in their career! Students will continue their studies in newborn posing and mentoring after completing this course prior to launching their own newborn photography business’. 

There are currently photographers in South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, The USA, Germany and The UK!

The list of Certified Photographers is growing by the minute (literally!) and we encourage you to check back regularly! 




Photographers currently studying! 




Photographers currently studying!




Photographers currently studying! 

ANP™ is concerned with educating Photographers on the safety and health of newborn clients

You can find out more about ANP™, our courses and the newborn photography industry on this website and our blog or feel free to contact us at any time!