Frequently Asked Questions - Online Study


ANP® offer Online Professional Development Courses - A Certificate in Newborn Photography and an Advanced Certificate in Newborn Photography will be offered in 2020.

There are no on campus or work placements required.

Course materials are supplied in an online environment. Unless otherwise stated in the course description, course materials are available for viewing online and may not be downloaded. 

Hard copy versions are available for purchase upon request. Please contact us for a quote for printed materials.

Infant CPR/First Aid Courses are offered through our Infant First Aid Partners in Australia - 

CPR Kids & Tiny Hearts First Aid and these are conducted in classroom.

You are also able do Online Infant CPR Refresher Courses through First Aid for Life (UK) and classroom training for those in the UK also. 


Sharyn Safi

"The reason I did this was to see whether there was anything more I can gain, as there is always room for growth of course and I am one to say I am a big advocate for newborn safety.....I also did this to ensure it gives my clients a peace of mind.....I am hoping this brings them comfort to understand and trust that we will create something special for them without them being on edge during the session."