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A Vision for World Class Newborn Training & Development

In 2010, unable to return to my role after maternity leave {due mainly to the fact that I had just given birth to not only one child but two!}, as National Training & Development Manager for a Global Organisation,  I started photographing friends babies as a “hobby”. {Sound familiar?}

Then after extensive training, both in Australia and by International Photographers, I turned my hobby into a successful Newborn Photography business and 8+ years later {and over 1500 ++ newborn clients later!)  I now have 3 photographers working for me, all specialising in Newborn and Baby Portraiture. 

However, as a Training & Development Professional it has always concerned me that within the Newborn Photography Industry there was nothing in the way of independent, comprehensive training on the neonatal period - specifically infant and workplace health and safety. There were many ‘workshops’ where one could learn {watch} newborn photography posing techniques, and whilst I agree it is extremely important to learn how to do the poses correctly and safely, I have always felt that these workshops were simply not adequate enough, to ensure a photographer was well enough equipped to work with newborn babies.

I started offering one-on-one training/mentor sessions with industry hopefuls, as a way to give them more in depth information and one-on-one training on newborns and workplace health and safety. And in doing so, I was more convinced than ever that the Newborn Photography Industry was in dire need of professional-level, medically based professional development & training on more than just posing!



Hence The Academy of of Newborn Photography® was founded in order to provide easily accessible, comprehensive & relevant information on Newborn's!  

It was founded in response to the need for training on Work Safety & Health, People Management & Business Skills, that were relevant & specific to the Newborn Photography industry!  

And MOST IMPORTANTLY it was founded to reassure parents, that their baby is being taken care of by a Photographer who had completed at least some Professional Development and Training specifically on Infants

ANP's courses have been developed by a team of Newborn Photography Professionals in conjunction with an Advisory Committee of Medical Professionals, Legal Professionals, Work Health & Safety/Human Resource Professionals, Business Professionals and PR/Marketing Professionals.

CEO & Founder - Kerryn O'Brien

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Claire Pinder

"Loved the course. It's so informative. Even reading through the Neonatal section I had to complete the assessment 5 times to pass it!! Gosh there's a stack of great info there and I've made a list of questions to ask parents before their session and also to include in my questionnaire prior to their arrival.

I love that you've made the CPR course a prerequisite."

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