When choosing a Newborn Photographer, look for the ANP™ Qualified Newborn Photographer Badge or Certificate. By choosing a Qualified Newborn Photographer through The Academy of Newborn Photography™ you can be assured your photographer is educated in Newborn Health & Safety, Workplace Health & Safety, Infant CPR/First Aid Trained, Insured and Vaccinated.


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Elrinda Engelbrecht


Belly Angels Photography was started in 2019. The founder and owner is Elrinda Engelbrecht, a trained and qualified Photographer. She is also a qualified and certified Newborn Photographer and the 1st South African who graduated from The Academy of Newborn Photography.  

Elrinda is serious about the safety and well-being of her tiny newborn clients, and that is why she decided to study through The Academy of Newborn Photography. 

Belly Angels Photography got its name after Elrinda became an aunt to a beautiful newborn baby in 2018. Her nephew is the reason why she is changing her focus to Newborn and Birth. He gave her a new perspective on human-life and the beauty thereof. She sees newborn babies as precious angels from a mother’s loving belly.  

Her Newborn Photography focuses to present parents with an extraordinary experience in design, photography and storytelling, where the safety of their newborn babies come first in her studio. 

The other component of Belly Angels Photography is ‘Birth Photography’.  This component focuses to document each moment before, during and after Birth whether in hospitals or maternity clinics.  

Belly Angels Photography is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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ANP™ is concerned with educating Photographers on the safety and health of newborn clients

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