Sandra Moffatt - Co-Founder StandInBaby®

“ I was honestly so excited to finally see a Newborn Photography course that is not only founded on expert knowledge from health care professionals, but is providing relevant, practical advice in a professional and easy to follow format.  In an unregulated industry like ours, it is up to us to make safety a priority for our littlest clients and I believe that the Academy of Newborn Photography™ is a positive step forward for our industry that I am proud to embrace."

Sarah Gage Photography

"The course was very informative with a very user friendly format.  Being able to study at your own pace & at home was great & also having the reminder emails to keep you on track. Having this qualification has provided me with invaluable knowledge about a variety of issues that can arise during the neonatal period. I can apply this knowledge during every newborn session now.  I also feel that having this qualification will provide a greater level of trust from our clients, knowing that their babies are being handled safely & with respect, just as they would trust any other professional that has come into contact with their baby during the first days of life.  Quite often the only other people that have handled their baby are medical professionals, so every newborn photographer should have the skills & knowledge on how to do this safely!"

The Newborn Studio

Loved the course. It's so informative. Even reading through the Neonatal section I had to complete the assessment 5 times to pass it!! Gosh there's a stack of great info there, and I've made a list of questions to ask parents before their session, and also to include in my questionnaire prior to their arrival.

I love that you've made the CPR course a prerequisite. It makes us do it! Even though I've completed mine a few times and have Senior First Aid, it's great to be essentially "forced" to be re-trained in baby CPR as well.

I so appreciate you allowing me to complete this course. Thankyou!

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Tiny Times Photography by Mandy Marie

"Although I have been a newborn photographer for 10 years, when I saw the courses with

ANP, I felt it was imperative to take them for any added knowledge to my experience. Then

when I saw how intricate the courses were, I was even more excited to have this certificate 

as part of my newborn photography credentials."

Sara Rendell Photography

"I am THRILLED to have completed my CERTIFICATE IN NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY with the Academy of Newborn Photography.  I have had over 5 years of experience working & training as a professional newborn photographer, but up until now, there has not been an accredited course available in Australia for newborn photographers.  I have completed numerous newborn photography workshops, mentoring & training in the past but none of these training experiences came with a certificate to show my professional development. So I am extremely happy to have completed this course & have something to show for my knowledge & experience!  I want my clients to be assured that I am committed to providing a safe & professional experience for them & their precious babies!  Newborn photography is so much more than just taking photos of cute babies, the knowledge & safety procedures involved in handling these precious infants is something that we must take very seriously.  I want my clients to be assured that their babies safety is always my number one priority!"

Butterfly Love Photography

Extremely proud to have completed this course. I learnt so much about neonatal care and how to safely handle newborns....  even after having FOUR of my own babies. I feel a lot more confident knowing the different medical conditions and alert signs for potential problems with a newborn. 

Having completed this course, how experienced do you feel with this course's subject matter? 10/10

How likely are you to recommend this course to another Newborn Photographer? 10/10

Tiny Tale Photography

"Completing the ANP certificate truly gave me the confidence as a Newborn Photographer. I've walked away understanding all details pre birth, post birth and the entire process between. I feel confident in my studio knowing that I understand what my client has been through before they have even walked through my doors. I love that I get to make them as comfortable as possible and be their guidance to also help them understand details they aren’t even aware of. This certificate truly gave me this confidence. Thank you!"

Sarah B Photography

I found the Neonatal Period very informative and valid for my business.I feel very passionate about this and feel this will be great for our industry! 

Having completed this course, how experienced do you feel with this course's subject matter? 10/10

How likely are you to recommend this course to another Newborn Photographer? 10/10

CF Photography

Lots of very valuable information.Thanks ANP! I really enjoyed undertaking this course. Safety is so important and all the babies I capture are precious!

Having completed this course, how experienced do you feel with this course's subject matter? 8/10

How likely are you to recommend this course to another Newborn Photographer? 8/10

Lil One Photography

Thank you for this amazing course. Even though I have been photographing newborns for 16 years, it is fantastic the information I have really had solidified by this course. A must do! 

KMerritt Photography

Thank you for creating such a well written and informative course. I have learnt so much from completing this certificate and I cannot wait to complete the Advanced Certificate in Newborn Photography! 

Unique Images by Sharyn A Photography

The reason I did this was to see whether there was anything more I can gain, as there is always room for growth of course and I am one to say I am a big advocate for newborn safety.....I also did this to ensure it gives my clients a peace of mind.....I am hoping this brings them comfort to understand and trust that we will create something special for them without them being on edge during the session.


Cherished Studios

I highly commend you on what you are trying to achieve in the industry Kerryn. Your passion and dedication is so clear. Given the risks in our niche, a lot of what you are teaching, in my opinion, should be mandatory. 

Ashleigh Whyte

I am currently studying photography and wanted to make sure that I was across the safety side of newborn photography before I started taking clients. I think these courses should be a requirement for all newborn photographers because there was a lot of useful information and some that I don't think would be covered in a typical photography course. Thank you so much for offering these courses and combining them with the CPR and First Aid course, they have given me more confidence in myself as a photographer. I highly recommend these courses to new and experienced photographers.

Elrinda Design Photography South Africa

Five Stars! I highly recommend this certificate for photographers who are serious about the safety and well-being of their tiny newborn clients.
I think this course covers everything, and what I would like to see is that this course becomes the international standard and body for Newborn Photography. It is scary and worrisome to think that so many people are taking photos of newborns without having any proper newborn photography qualification(s)!

Thank you Kerryn, your academy is the new standard for Newborn Photography.

Pink Heart Photography

Thoroughly enjoyed this course it should be a requirement for all newborn photographers to complete highly recommended !

Sol Shooter Photography

Had an awesome day at the Infant CPR/First Aid + Newborn Safety workshop! It was just so nice to even hang out with other newborn photographers and share experiences and laughs - it's nice to know I'm not alone in this industry. The lunch was first class and I learnt lots. Very happy I was able to attend this affordable workshop!

Krystle Bevan Photography

Thanks for creating a platform to not only educate but also empower photographers to apply safety as a number one priority when working with newborns, babies and mothers.

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Satin Edge Photography

"This course was beyond amazing. I highly recommend doing this course to all newborn photographers. Their vision they share is such an inspiration as they give you advice in every angle of business needs in the photography industry as well as crucial safety in the work place and your precious newborns. It definitely opened my eyes on what newborn photographers are doing wrong and how easy it can be to harm babies that you don’t even know about. Given techniques to handle a baby in a safe and healthy way is what we should all be doing and I believe this course should be crucial to all newborn photographers!!!"

Life in Focus Photography

"The course has given me a good understanding of issues that may happen during a newborn session, some of which I had never considered."

Les Petits Pas Photographie

"This course taught me so much more than just taking photography. I am so happy I took this course."

Belly Baby & Co Photography

"Thank you for providing photographers with a course like this. Too often is safety over looked in newborn photography, and even just in general.. It's one of my biggest concerns and my number 1 priority to ensure anyone who comes in to my studio is never put at risk..

Clients show me that they have trust in me by putting their baby in my hands, I need to respect that and be educated in anyway I possibly can be..!

So thank you again, I've learnt a lot from this course!"

Jodie Holloway Photography

"Love this course! Highly recommend it. It was very informative and should definitely be a requirement for all newborn photographers."


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