The Academy of
Newborn Photography

Educating & enabling Newborn Photographers Worldwide to reach their full potential &  providing quality assurance to clients

Our Courses are designed especially for Newborn Photographers Worldwide!

They have been developed by a team of 

• Newborn Photography Professionals 

• Medical Professionals - Paediatricians, Neonatal Nurses, & Chiropractors

• Legal Professionals

• Work Health & Safety Professionals

• Human Resource Professionals

They are based on world’s best practice!

They establish credibility and trust

by reassuring parents that their baby is being taken care of by a certified photographer who is qualified to work with newborns.


Sandra Moffatt - Co-Founder StandInBaby®

“I was honestly so excited to finally see a Newborn Photography course that is not only founded on expert knowledge from health care professionals, but is providing relevant, practical advice in a professional and easy to follow format.  In an unregulated industry like ours, it is up to us to make safety a priority for our littlest clients and I believe that the Academy of Newborn Photography™ is a positive step forward for our industry that I am proud to embrace."

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Professional credentials are evidence of your commitment to the highest standards in newborn safety

Expert Training, Advice and Feedback

Receive industry training, from specialists in their field, to improve your knowledge and learn the skills needed to achieve your Newborn Photography goals. 

Our programs are recognised as professional development.

Complete your course in your own time

Study at your own pace, with access to your course materials online! Study anytime, anywhere, with our state-of-the-art online platform. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or tablet!

Exceptional Value

All-Inclusive Fees, mean no hidden costs! Your course fee covers:

All online learning materials, assessment and support. 

There are NO ongoing subscriptions for your included listing on our Certified Photographers Directory.

Our Courses

Certificate Newborn Photography


An online certificate course that explores the theory of neonatal and workplace health and safety, to provide you with ESSENTIAL knowledge and skills required as a professional newborn photographer or birth photographer. It has been developed and made accessible for Photographers WORLDWIDE! 

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Advanced Certificate Newborn Photography


The Advanced Course is designed for those who wish to gain advanced knowledge of Technical Skills, Business Skills and People Skills as they pertain to the Newborn Photography Industry. 

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You asked, so...we are coming to the USA!


Learn Advanced Posing Techniques based on the physiology of newborn babies. And the safest ways to work with these fragile human beings, in a Work Safe environment, from, not one, but TWO Award Winning Photographers

AND Learn CPR and First Aid skills for babies and children from expert paediatric nurses!


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Your commitment to the highest standards in Newborn Care are not just within your studio...

Every time a student enrol’s in one of our courses or workshops,  ANP™ give 7days of medical care to newborns in India. This includes paediatric consulting, vaccination, immunisation and routine check ups to a newborn baby to protect his or her health. Proper care in the first few months after birth is critical in ensuring a safe and healthy life ahead.

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